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The image of Likecoin Factory clearly reflects our company’s actions. Building an ecosystem as a stable structure, capable of standing for a long time, requires strong bricks – your investments. They are called LCBrix (Likecoin Brix), and they serve as a crypto-contract that records your rights for future stock.

Such a broad term (LCBrix) most correctly reflects the point of our future activity – you buy the bricks which we use to build the walls of the Likecoin Factory. is an ongoing project in Almaty city (Kazakhstan) with 1.7 mil population. We have reached around 10000 app downloads within 2 months after the launch. Over 70 merchants have joined and share our philosophy of 2D-economy.

The idea of such a promising project, like the parameters of our ICO campaign, are presented below.

Social value

Why do equal people have different life conditions? The reason is based on appraising value to society using only one measure – monetary value. Careers in finance mostly give better living conditions than in other fields.

Therefore, success measurement requires other criteria. We need to take into account not only financial, but also social capital. We need a second dimension.


Your social capital is based on your position in society.
Now we have a tool to measure it.

People who love or need
you are the source of your strength.

They send you “likes” in social networks.

However, sending like should not be
free for the sender.

We have created a system where “likes” are more than just emotions.
In our system “like” means that its sender
shares social capital with you. We call it Likecoin

How it WORKS

The Likecoins you collect from other users accumulate
in your thrift-box for the rest of your life

Your level grows depending on the number of Likecoins
collected in thrift-box

Every morning you receive to your wallet
the number of Likecoins equal
to your level multiplied by ten

Likecoin is a new social network

Platform for likecoin sharing

To reflect the social capital we have implemented a level system. The level grows through “likes” received from others. However in the Likecoin network the “likes” are transformed into virtual currency - likecoins.

Each day users will receive a strictly limited quantity of Likecoins, which can be used only during the day. The user could send a part of their coins to their friends as “likes” to top up their social level.

The higher level increases the amount of LikeCoins received each day and opens up new opportunities in the form of access to deals and exclusive offers of partners.

Electronic wallet:
2D-payments and conversion

  • - QR-payments
  • - 2D payment combining monetary and likecoin payments
  • - currency exchange
  • - cryptocurrency exchange

Platform for

  • In Likecoin ecosystem merchants get:
  • - tool for promotion of goods and services
  • - customer loyalty program
  • - acquiring service
  • - integration with POS-systems

Newsfeed based
on you wants and needs

Likecoin news feed would be based on algorithm and data analysis which optimizes your news feed showing only chosen interests and deals.

Newsfeed would be free of unwanted information and serve as assistant.


We create values

Fundamental factors for valuation of
Likecoin system

  • Commission fee in Likecoins
  • Advertising revenue
  • Acceptance fee
  • Exchange fee

Social networks valuation
per user

  • Slack
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Twich

The valuation of LCbrix is secured by a 20% stake in Likecoin holding company

ICO and LCbrix turnover

LCbrix turnover support:

LCbrix will be used for internal customer loyalty program

Accumulation of bonuses in LCbrix will ensure a constant demand for them

The user growth will support the price of LCbrix during the entire growth period of social network

LCbrix distribution:

  ICO for fiat ICO for ETH Bounty
and internal turnover
LCB 150 000 1 600 000 250 000

Road map:

amount ($ + ETH)
number of
150 000 $
1000 ETH
Moscow, Los Angeles 200 000
150 000 $
2500 ETH
Paris, New York 400 000
150 000$
4000 ETH
Madrid, Chicagoо 600 000
150 000 $
5500 ETH
Berlin, Huston 800 000
150 000 $
7000 ETH
London, Istanbul 1 000 000

How to buy LCBRIX

Download app


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buy LCbrix


with banking card

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